Medical Students Applicants Caught Cheating Using Smart Watches And Eyeglasses

Three students from Rangsit University in Bangkok are now facing charges and criticism for their elaborate cheating scam in a university exam on Saturday.

Bangkok's Rangsit University canceled its Saturday and Sunday examinations for medical admission after three female examinees were caught cheating using eyeglasses that were embedded with cameras used to record the exam questions, according to CBS News. The questions captured were then sent to at least one tutorial institute, and students received the answers through their smart watches.

Dismayed over the incident, Kittisak Tripipatpornchai, the university administrator, said that cheating is not just a simple minor offence as it can be the first step to other criminal violations.

Test supervisors were alerted of the alleged cheating violation after all three takers finished and left the testing area within 45 minutes, which is the minimum time allotted to finish the exam.

"If we don't have law or tough measures to deal with this, our education system will never be competitive with other countries." Tripipatpornchai told Al Jazeera.

Meanwhile, the father of one of the students was able to meet with the university officials, and he claimed that he did not know anything about the cheating incident. Kittisak, on the other hand, questioned the parent where and how a high school student could get hold of 800,000 baht on their own.

Cheating had been considered an occasional incident in test examinations among students all around the world; but in this case, it had already adapted new methods with the use of high technological devices. What's more, the incident occurred at one of Thailand's leading private university.

The report received backlash from the social media. One Facebook user criticized the students' sense of responsibility, saying "If you can't take responsibility for your own life, you don't deserve to become a doctor, which is a career that has to take responsibility for others' lives."

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