'Doom' Review: Fighting Demons Is Exhausting But Exciting

"Doom" review copies were not made available ahead, not until its release on Friday, May 13. Fortunately, the media and the fans alike now have full coverage on one of the most highly anticipated games this year. So what does the new installment offer?

It holds true that most of the reviews found online (and this one, too) were not able to go full circle. Nonetheless, it seems the new "Doom" game is exactly what fans expect it to be. And hey, good thing is gamers have the right ammunition to kill off every single demon on the Red Planet.

According to IGN, it lives up to its title -- "Doom" -- as gamers will find themselves desperately trying to survive Mars. From trying to acquire health pickups to avoiding and/or fighting a growing hoard of demons -- players must do everything in order to keep going.

While the killings can be a bit exhausting and exciting -- in one way or another -- Bethesda Softworks managed to keep the momentum steady in every shift. In its most organic form, "Doom" is simply but a chain of enclosed rooms packed with various demons that gamers have to execute in order to survive.

Ars Technica, on the other hand, reports that the newly released first-person shooter video game forces gamers to go deep down to its backstory. It is mainly told by way of video screens, holographic projections and environmental detail.

While Bethesda might have its own reason to tell, it still remains unclear as to why they put extra effort in explaining the "Doom" storyline. The publication says that the new game -- simply put -- is all about demon-possessed Martian facility workers who try to kill off the unpossessed ones. The game could reportedly have been better off with optional story reading than the forced cut scenes.

As for the gameplay, "Doom" has a lot to offer, which is mostly still kept under wraps and it is up to the fans to discover them. The guns, in particular, are a thing to love. They are quite loud and filled with kickback, something that makes them more realistic than ever.

Overall, "Doom" seems to be a fine game to have -- a nice thing to go for so as to spend the whole weekend, perhaps? Nonetheless, the true test for this game is the entirety of its full campaign -- can it maintain an element of surprise and fun?

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