Review Of Fender's New In-Ear Headphones

Fender has launched new in-ear headphones that pair rock-solid fit with great sound. But despite their performance and quality build, the Fender Pro in-ear monitors are not just for stage musicians.

According to Gizmodo, the best headphones can transform the music. They can reveal whispers hidden and notes lost, even the rub of a finger down the guitar's string. They can provide an immersive music experience, expand the music and transport the listener.

With the Fender FXA7 in-ear monitors (IEMs), moving up a price point guarantees a higher sound quality. The latest Fender in-ear headphones come in the $500 price range.

The Fender FXA7 in-ear headphones are professional-grade IEMs, among the most sophisticated devices dedicated to musicians on stage. With them, you are certain you can count on a better sound fidelity. From the musicians who love the IEMs for their highly accurate rendition to the audiophiles who love them for the high-quality sound, Fender's in-ear monitors cover a wide target audience.

The same publication reports that Fender bought earlier this year a small boutique headphone company called Aurisonics. After the purchase, the small company started making Fender-branded headphones.

Now it seems that Fender has created a really solid series of products, from the "budget" headphones pair, the DXA1, with a more traditional Shure-like form factor and the $200 priced FXA2, to the top of the range $500 FXA7. Even with the cheapest pair of headphones the company produces, Fender does not compromise quality for price.

According to The Verge, Fender has been best known for its classic guitars and amps. With the new line of IEMs, the company is making its first entry into the consumer electronics world.

The new Fender Pro In-Ear Monitor line is available for purchase from music retailers as well as directly from Fender. The new in-ear headphones were developed and hand-assembled in Nashville, Tennessee. Except the entry-level DXA1, all of the models feature 3D-printed housings that will provide a similar fit to custom monitors and will fit 95 percent of ears.

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