'Destiny' New DLC And Update: Developers Working On Another Expansion; Sequel Release Date Revealed

"The "Destiny" franchise has accumulated a huge following. And although the clamor for "Destiny 2" has surely reached the game's developers, it seems fans will have to wait a little bit more, as the release date for the sequel has been pushed back to 2017.

It holds true that Activision, the publisher for "Destiny" game, has already confirmed its plans for the follow-up title. Unfortunately, "Destiny 2" is still a long way to go as the company aims to release it in 2017. The announcement, according to Vine Report, was made during the investor's meeting of Activision.

While it is safe to say that the much awaited sequel will have to take the backseat for quite a while, it is worth noting that Bungie is about to unveil a new "Destiny" expansion pack. The DLC is believed to arrive big, akin to that of "The Taken King" add-on.

The decision to release a new downloadable content for the said game is due to the positive reception the title received during its massive April update. Well, it only goes to show how fans are so eager and hungrier for new contents.

As of this writing, "Destiny" has accumulated a whopping 30 million active players. Hence, as reported by Christian Today, the game's publisher is so careful not to lose the huge fanbase.

Simply put, the company does not want to put a confusion (or division in a sense) by putting two similar video games on the table. So rather than shifting its focus and resources to "Destiny 2" in the days to come, it is a better move to develop a new DLC -- something that Bungie is reportedly working on.

"Destiny" is made available for PlayStation 3 and 4 and Xbox One and 360 for only $60, which already includes various DLCs, namely, "The Dark Below," "House of Wolves" and "The Taken King."

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