Hyundai’s New Wearable -- ‘Iron Man’ Suit-See For Yourself

Science fiction movies have become people's choice or movie genre. Examples of these kinds of movies are "Robocop," "Captain America," "The Avengers" and "Iron Man." These are fictional characters that people love to watch as these characters impose their might and power to the enemies. However, these are not for real. What is real is Hyundai's step to technological advancement that is based or maybe inspired from a fictional character.

According to a web post via The Verge, South Korean automaker Hyundai has unveiled its robotic exoskeleton. The company compares its wearable robot to Tony Stark's "Iron Man." According to it, this exoskeleton -- though it does not look like Tony Stark's -- can help the wearer to have extra strength, which allows him to lift hundreds of kilograms in weight. The Korean company stated that in the future, this exoskeleton will be used in factories, by the military and/or help with physical rehabilitation.

According to Mashable Asia, the entire suit is 50 kilograms in weight. It could be useful in defense where pilots can move quickly over long distance. It is developed to help the paraplegics walk again. It can even aid the elderly to become more mobile and stand for longer periods of time.

In addition, the exoskeleton's main purpose is to make work easier and less dangerous. It will help the number of production to a company. It will also lessen the incidence of injuries. Hyundai is not the only company that makes robotic exoskeletons. Panasonic has been in the same boat. It develops robotic suits for its workers. This has been human's one of the greatest endeavors. However, there is no exact plan as to when this will be out in the market -- or how much it will cost.

This technological advancement makes people's lives relaxing and productive. In line with work production, it becomes effortless and more efficient. Human beings are intelligent. It should be done for the sake of progress and development.

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