‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ News: Trailer Teases New Pokemon, New Image Reveals Battle System Changes

Avid players of the hit game franchise "Pokemon" will be happy with the latest news. A new trailer and a new screenshot have revealed some of the changes to the upcoming "Pokemon Sun and Moon" games.

The Pokemon Company has released several trailers for the upcoming "Pokemon Sun" and "Pokemon Moon" games. However, a trailer unveiled through the Japanese magazine CoroCoro may have given fans a quick glimpse at a new Pokemon monster, Nintendo News reports. The said new Pokemon character appeared at the 12-second mark of the CoroCoro released-trailer.

In the trailer, the new Pokemon monster can be seen standing in front of a male trainer. The four-legged monster has pointy ears and a fluffy white tail. The said monster also does not resemble any of previous Eevees, as well as the three characters already unveiled by the Pokemon Company for the upcoming "Pokemon Sun and Moon" games.  Previous reports have already revealed the three new characters of the game's Starter trio namely Rowlet, Litten and Popplio.

Meanwhile, apart from the potential new Pokemon monster, a new image from the "Pokemon Sun" and "Pokemon Moon" games have also provided a look at the subtle changes adapted by The Pokemon Company and Game Freak. The revelation was made by the Japanese television show Pokenchi, ComicBook.com reports. In the said image, a full view of the opposing trainer can be seen behind the Pokemon monster during a battle. Avid players would know that many of the previous "Pokemon" game titles only showed the trainers before and after a fight.

Other enhancements made to the upcoming games also include a subtle change to the HP bar. A "paint brush" background has been added to the HP bar, as indicated in the same report. The new image unveiled by the said Japanese show has also teased of some of the new battles in the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" games being held on a raised stage or platform.

It is still unclear if a new Pokemon monster will be added to the "Pokedex" index when "Pokemon Sun and Moon" is released. Some players have also been looking forward to learning more about other elements to be added to the upcoming games. Although, The Pokemon Company is expected to reveal more details in June.

"Pokemon Sun" and "Pokemon Moon" has been set for a November 18 release on Nintendo 3DS.

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