Evernote-Google Drive Integration – A Smarter Way To Work

By Logan , May 16, 2016 05:30 AM EDT

Working documents seem to be too tasking and tedious. Anybody who writes documents deserve to have an application that eases out the workload. To some, they have already used efficient tools that lesson the burden of the job. To some who use the Google Drive, they realize how important this is in saving the file without losing it. To some Evernote users, they found this application helpful as well. The question is -- can these two applications make better produce if used together? Try to see the difference.

According to a web post via Tech First Post, Evernote adds Google Drive to Android applications and web cloud storage. Evernote has had a lot more users these times. All of those users have varied requirements. Evernote noticed that these users copy links from Google. So, to make the workload easier, Evernote worked with Google to give better Google Drive integration into its services. This results to easier access of files from the connected link accounts to make the work seamless.

In addition, more Evernote users have Google accounts, so, it is just apt to integrate both for better and easier work production. Users can now utilize Evernote in searching files using the Google Drive without leaving the former. This makes the work less tasking. The integration is available for the web on Chrome, and for Android.

According to a post via Hot Hardware, Google drive is great for storing files while Evernote is believed to be the best organizational tool. In addition, Erik Wrobel -- the Chief Product Officer of Evernote -- said that the integration helps people cultivate those ideas with rich context. This time, once the user opens the Evernote, the Google Drive is seen in the toolbar. It is easier when the user wants to edit his/her notes. According to the Evernote CEO, Chris O'Neill, once people use both, they will know that they are using it intuitively.

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