Acer, Starbreeze Team Up For The Upcoming StarVR Headsets

Virtual Reality headsets have been the talk of the town lately in the gaming world. From simple online or offline gaming, gamers are seeking for more realistic experience in gaming. Hence, game developers and gaming hardware manufacturers are moving forward toward the future by creating virtual reality devices that suit the clamoring gamers.

According to a post via PC Gamer, Starbreeze and Acer are teaming up to manufacture StarVR headsets! This is good news for the gaming enthusiasts.

The Virtual Reality world has been overwhelmed by a competition among Valve, HTC and Oculus. Despite this, Starbreeze will not let itself be behind the race. Starbreeze is now working on its StarVR!

This high-resolution headset was demonstrated at E3 last year. It reportedly boasts 210 degree field of vision. It is quite amazing.

Starbreeze together with Acer will be manufacturing their VR headset in the coming months. Acer CEO Jason Chen said that the companies will devout resources across multiple aspects of the Virtual Reality environment. He even stated that the upcoming StarVR headset will be compatible with a new range of desktops and notebooks. Starbreeze has not openly discussed the models for such gadget but stated that the studio intends to showcase the tech arcades in the next couple of months.

According to Bloomberg, the team up could be the most brilliant move in years -- or it could be the colossal failure. The Taiwanese compay -- Acer -- has not posted any annual sales growth lately. But the company shows confidence on the project as it knows computers very well. It also believes that computing power is the key to virtual reality system because of the intense graphics processing required.

Despite the challenge, Acer is betting that being on both sides of the hardware world, it will have a better shot in capturing shares. If the company wants virtual reality, there must be a hardware -- and Acer is good at it.

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