Google Will Focus On Cars, Digital Assistants And Virtual Reality

Google has been a part of people's day to day life. The company has delivered the beneficial technology that people need. Almost every week, Google has something new for the users and followers. Hence, the idea is making Google very interesting. Latest reports say that Google will focus on cars, digital assistants and more importantly, the virtual reality.

According to a post via Computerworld, Google has been focusing on cars, digital assistants and virtual reality. Jeff Kagan -- an independent industry analyst -- said that Google will focus much more on virtual reality this year. He added that Google wants to be a leader in the Virtual Reality world, in which there is no clear leading company yet as of this time. Google will try to secure the top place in front of the line. He said that Google may even roll out its new early generation virtual reality device in the company's annual developer conference, which generally gathers 6,000 spectators. Such conference is held on May 18 to May 20 to outdoor arena in Mountain View California -- the same city where Google's headquarter is situated.

Moreover, during the event, Google will showcase its skills at defining and powering driverless cars. It will not only showcase cars but different devices and gadgets that enthusiasts are expecting.

According to PC World, Google has been making some serious moves toward the virtual reality world. Amit Singh -- the company's former head of Google for Work -- said that he is changing his focus to virtual reality. Moreover, the company has quietly added VR support to its Youtube apps for iPhone.

Apple smartphone users can watch videos via Google Cardboard virtual reality viewer. Reportedly, Google is already making its "Android VR" in which there is no specific detail yet. Since Google has great interest in autonomous cars and virtual reality, the company is sure to put forth big investment in these areas to support the interest and action.

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