Is There A New Google AI Romance Writer Already?

Google is reportedly using autonomous technology in another way -- with the help of an AI and getting results that leave a lot to the imagination.

In a recent study paper, Google presented how it has been feeding the AI some ebooks, fiction mostly, says The Verge. Aside from these content being fiction, what better way to test its abilities than training it to analyze a bulk of romance-themed novels.

Guided by a neural network scheme, Google says the AI's ability to seemingly grasp conversational know-how in its scientifically unique way has offered a degree of success for the program. The downside, though, is that critics feel the results are unnatural and dramatic in nature.

Most of the lines mentioned in the Google paper that were fed to the AI were just simple sentences. When it was the AI's turn to provide appropriate responses, it went like these: "it was time to move on/he had to do it again/they were the only ones who mattered" and so forth. Sounds familiar? Right.

In a previous post by The Wall Street Journal, Google had announced that it was putting the AI's code out in public for free to use or do tweaks.

The computer program aptly dubbed Parsey McParseface has been designed to let machines understand English syntax. Alphabet Inc. and SyntaxNet (the software part of Parsey) collaborated on the project and now makes it available for free.

SyntaxNet product manager Dave Orr hopes that users would come to use the program instead of "reinventing the wheel." The company is also one of the latest AI software systems offered by known tech firms via open-source licensing, meaning no copyright infringement or patent rights risk whatsoever.

Almost named Boaty McBoatface, Google says Parsey is reportedly its most accurately successful program to date, even surpassing human linguists and indicates the software program nears "human-level performance."

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