‘Sims 4’ Update: EA Unveils 'Dine Out' Game Pack Trailer, Release Date And Features Revealed

After several months of a "Sims 4" news drought, Electronic Arts (EA) has finally unleashed its official trailer for the upcoming restaurant-themed game pack titled "Dine Out."

EA has released a more than one-minute trailer to tease what avid "Sims 4" players can enjoy in the new "Dine Out" game pack. The clip has revealed the launch date for the new "Sims 4" game pack's release date, including a look at new gameplay items. Previous reports have already hinted of gamers having the opportunity to bring their Sims to dine in a restaurant. The upcoming game pack will also allow players to run and manage their own "Sims 4" restaurant.

Similar to the business ownership function that was introduced in the "Get To Work" expansion pack, gamers can also create their own venue, Sims Community reports. The "Dine Out" game pack also comes with new items that a gamer will need to run their restaurant. These items include new stations for a host, waiter and chef.

The "Dine Out" trailer even hints of new restaurant logos, new employee uniform styles and interesting decorative pieces. Some of the decorative pieces include new flower arrangements, wall accents, a glass aquarium and light fixtures. There also appears to be some new wallpapers, as well as hair accessories, hair styles and even new clothing items.

The look and feel of the restaurant also depend on the player's creativity. However, the "Dine Out" game pack appears to allow Simmers to have an outdoor dining area for their restaurants, as shown in the trailer. Gamers can choose to design a high-class looking restaurant or opt for a burger place. A new collection of "experimental" dishes will also be added to the "Sims 4" base game with "Dine Out." Although, the game's existing recipes and dishes will also be available.

Other gameplay features include a new Sim interaction specifically the romantic action of feeding another Sim. The trailer also teases of a new NPC (non-playable character) who may play an interesting role in a player's "Sims 4" restaurant. The said character appears to be a food critic, as shown in the trailer.

Meanwhile, EA has yet to release the full list of gameplay features and items that will come with "Dine Out." Although, one information that has already been confirmed through the Sims 4 forums indicates that players will not be allowed to take on the chef role, according to iDigital Times.

The upcoming "Sims 4" game pack "Dine Out" will be released on June 7 for PC.

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