Sony Rumored To Unveil Its PlayStation NEO 4K, PlayStation 4.5 In September

Sony had been very careful not to leak more information regarding its latest PlayStation 4.5; however, speculations surface that it will be unveiled in the month of September. A game distributor in France unintendedly spilled the news regarding its PlayStation Neo 4K.

Unlike Microsoft that is seemingly relaxing its back and waiting things to unroll, Sony's PlayStation NEO has been spilling tidbits of information  gradually. First, it was regarding Sony's preparation launching of its improved PlayStation 4. Next, the speculations that its PlayStation NEO 4K or the PlayStation 4.5 will come out in September, Yibada reported.  The source also added that a French video game distributor leaked the said information. 

When it comes to the specs, the said updated device would have extra RAM, which has the capacity to adjust on 4K resolution on screen setup. It is also said that it would somewhat have much good GPU and CPU, or APU.

The PlayStation 4.5 NEO became silent throughout the recent months and many have been wondering how it is doing right now. In terms of making newer version on its console forms, Sony has not done this for the first time; however, it is certainly the first that it is it is making considerable change, Slash Gear reports. 

Beginning October, latest games that will come out in the said month will run on "Neo Mode," or in other words, it would be able to run games at 4K resolution. Thus, Neo Mode requires to support with similar 60 frame rate.

The rumored September launching will send a great amount of pressure on many game developers as well as publishers. This would also mean that the PlayStation 4.5 would be set to be unveiled before the set release of the PS VR. Many game fans are also dying to know if VR headset from Sony will work on it as well. 

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