'God Of War 4' Release Date, Update: Sony To Reveal Game At E3?

As soon as the very first "God of War" installment debuted way back 2005, the franchise proved to be a massive hit. Hence, fans have been asking for Sony to release yet another installment. So will "God of War 4" finally be a reality? Well, there is a brim of hope, as rumors suggest that it may be unveiled in the upcoming E3.

There have plenty of speculations circling around "God of War 4" along with the game's mysterious release date -- from introducing a new protagonist to including Norse gods. In fact, others believe that Sony is already cooking the new installment in its Sta. Monica Studios.

According to Movie News Guide, E3 or also known as Electronic Entertainment Expo is the event where Sony will take the curtains off "God of War 4" during its demonstration. It is worth noting that the tech giant has remained mum about the game's existence and thus, if revealed, will come as a surprise during the event.

E3 will be held starting June 12 up to June 17. Sony, albeit denying the rumored developments of PlayStation 5, will be joined by other market colossus such as Microsoft, Ubisoft, Bethesda, Nintendo, Square Enix and EA among others.

Among the titles in Sony's soon-to-be revealed list for the forthcoming event are "Horizon: Zero Dawn," "Final Fantasy 7 Remake," "The Last Guardian," "Shenmue" and "Gran Turismo: Sport." Meanwhile, "God of War 4" is the highly favored title expected to take the spotlight during the event if Sony indeed reveals it.

Furthermore, International Business Times notes that "God of War" might take on the iconic Kratos away from the established Greek mythology. It rooted from a leaked concept art, which seems to describe a very familiar realm dominated by the Norse gods Odin, Valhalla and Thor.

Well, all hopes for "God of War 4" fans, as they continue to expect the possibility of Sony announcing the much awaited title in E3.

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