HIV Vaccine Must Be Designed To Adapt To HIV Virus Mutation

For years now, Human Immunodeficiency Virus has been lurking waiting for its victim like a prey. The said virus has notably affected people with different race, gender and even age. As time passes by, this virus becomes different as it mutates and adapts quickly to human immune system.

According to a post via Nature World News, the pre-adapted HIV transmission is more dangerous and harder to cure. Since the outburst of HIV, scientists have been as keen as they have been seeking for the cure and vaccine for the said virus. The reason why the cure or vaccine is not yet ever made is due to the virus' adaptability to a person's immune response. In a more layman's term, the virus is quick enough to adapt to whatever a human has to defend.

A new study that is conducted by an international team of researchers from Microsoft Research, the University of Alabama and Emory University stated that the pre-adapted virus can exploit the "holes" in the immune response of a person. The research suggests that the consistent changing and mutating of the HIV virus makes it unrecognizable by the immune system; that is why it is incurable.

In creating the vaccine, it should be responding to the immune system all at the same time, adapting to the spontaneous changing of the virus. The study also says that there are 50,000 new HIV cases in the United States on yearly basis. It is reported that in that case, it has lowered the number of infections. Treatments and therapies are proven as a big help, but the main concern is looking for vaccines to eventually prevent the rising number of HIV.

According to News Wise, the study is a collaborative effort of international team scientists. The team has released its machine learning models to the community. Read here for specific details.

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