Apple's Latest Patent Suggests Company Is Working On All-Screen iPhone

By Logan , May 20, 2016 04:10 AM EDT

Apple has constantly been innovating and has proven the public its mighty position in the market sales world. Apparently, the giant mobile company has never failed the customers in meeting the latter's satisfaction despite the mobile prices. This time, there is another innovation that Apple is telling the people about.

According to a web post via Patently Apple, Apple has two patent pending inventions that encompass a futuristic version of Touch ID that is being located beneath the display of the iPhone or iPad devices. In addition, Apple's newly granted patent covers innovation relating to a very creative way of designing a good and cool looking iPhone. It comprises electronic device apparatus, which is capable of showing graphic text, icons, images and any data. These are shown on screen while the transparent finger touch sensor is slightly visible above the display apparatus.

According to a post via Gizmodo, the patent shows three different kinds of technologies that can work as fingerprint sensor. To know how it works, read here. Furthermore, one report suggested that the iPhone 7 might come without the home button already. But these things will be impossible for now because it will take years for it to be integrated to the consumer products.

According to BGR, the best part of this innovation is that the entire screen will be a finger touch sensor already. It means that the user will not be finding any home screen button anymore. He or she will directly access the screen to go straight to any application he or she wants to log in. Apple has so many patents; that is why, it is not impossible to redesign its models like this. There have been rumors that this radical change will happen next year. Reports even say that with these changes include the eradication of the iconic home button. Apple users are really looking forward to this.

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