Google, Tesla, Apple Watch Out New Threat From Former Employees; Otto Builds Own Self-Driving Technology?

By Alexa Parker , May 23, 2016 06:50 AM EDT

Google, Tesla and Apple face a new threat from their former workers. It appears that a new challenger looms on the horizon of the big giants as Otto firm aims to eradicate the big firms' era and to dominate the self-driving technology and its segment industry.

Google, Tesla, and Apple are famed for being the giant companies in terms of distributing self-driving segments. However, their former employees are dedicated to outpace their former employers by creating their own brand. Xinhua reports that a group of 40 former employees from Google, Tesla and Apple have formed a new company that started an era of self-driving trucks and aim to turn the traditional commercial trucking industry into a high-tech sector.

In theory, an Otto truck will be able to operate safely for many more hours than a person who is in full control. And unlike the early-stage self-driving cars, Otto will focus on highway driving, which shoulders the main truck routes in America, reports the same post.

There have also been notions that the start-up company will begin with Volvo VNL 780, which is one of the largest, heaviest trucks roaming on the big skyways and highway lanes, according to Overdrive Online.

Otto is aiming to equip trucks with software, sensors, lasers and cameras so that they can navigate more miles while cruising the U.S. highways on their own. It is while the truck drivers are resting or recharging themselves.

For Anthony Levandowski, one of the men that helped steer Google's self-driving technology, has affirmed that it can be done. According to him, "Our goal is to make trucks drive as humanly as possible but with the reliability."

The competition has just begun for Google, Tesla, Apple and the threat came from their former workers. As Otto begins to strategize and implement measures to ensure the realization of its dream, it remains uncertain whether Otto's self-driving technology would be beneficial and successful or just the exact opposite.

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