Fallout 4's Top 5 PC Mods

The PC mod community has always been hard at work with customizing content for their favorite PC games. Fallout 4 is no exception. There are a lot of excellent Fallout 4 mods available right now, ranging from customized eye colors to enhanced blood textures. Here, we will discuss Fallout 4's top 5 mods, based on NexusMods' most endorsed files list. For players who are new to modding, here's a crash course on how to do it either manually or using the Nexus Mod Manager. For those who are familiar with modding, read on.

Top 5: Lowered Weapons by lesma666

In Fallout 4, characters always have their guns pointed forward in first-person mode, even if there are no enemies around. Some players, believe it or not, don't like that. Modder lesma666 has a solution to this, creating a simple animation sweep that lowers the player's weapons when not firing. Players can see this mod in action and download here.

Top 4: Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource by Valdacil and Gambit77

Players want items to be sorted better in their inventory. Bethesda has inconsistent keywords on armor pieces, making this difficult. Modders Valdacil and Gambit77 has created a standardized framework for armor and cosmetics keywords, which prevents conflicts and simplifies things for other weapon modders. Some mods require this resource, and players can download the resource here, along with more information and instructions on how to utilize it.

Top 3: True Storms - Wasteland Edition by fadingsignal

One of the highly sought Skyrim mods of 2015 is also available for Fallout 4. True Storms: Wasteland Edition tweaks the storm system of Fallout 4, producing more intense weather conditions, like heavy storms, fog, even radiation rain, resulting in what Kotaku has described as "a ridiculously atmospheric post-apocalypse". The mod is available for download here.

Top 2: New Dialog by shadwar

Fallout 4's dialog interface can be a bit testy at times. This mod, combined with Cirosan's Full Dialogue Interface mod, solves this issue by simplifying the dialogs in the game. Players have options to change the brackets or simply hide it, allowing the players to choose the right dialogs easier. The New Dialog mod is available here.

Top 1: Armorsmith Extended by Gambit77

Fallout 4's most popular mod to date is Gambit77's Armorsmith Extended mod, which boasts an extensive line of options for armors and other outfits, allowing players to achieve their perfect character avatar. The mod allows players to wear any outfit under the character's armor, and wear hats and helmets with gas masks if they prefer. Players also have the option to create new outfits. Check out the mod here.

The talented PC Mod community is keeping some PC game titles alive up to this day, and Fallout 4 will hopefully follow the same path. 

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