Apple To Launch An All-Glass iPhone?

Apple has so much to offer to its consumers. It has a lot of innovations in bulk in which users appreciated it much. Moreover, its sales have justified the company's effort. Apple mobiles are even marked in the driver's seat when it comes to device performance and cool-looking appearance. Cool looking iPhones are a trend today. That is why, people crave for it. In addition, suppliers and manufacturers are putting their most creative hands in making what the consumers demand.

According to Tech Times, the Apple supplier accidentally confirms an "All-glass iPhone" in the works. The company based in Taiwan, Catcher Technology, accidentally spilled the beans about the company's works on making the all-glass iPhone.

Catcher Company CEO, Allen Horng, stated in a shareholder meeting that only one iPhone model will be adopting the glass casing. It was rumored before that if the all-glass iPhone movement will be happening, the metal case suppliers will be directly affected by it. However, it was negated by the Catcher Company CEO because it will only be a single iPhone model to adopt the innovation. He added that it will not impact on Catcher's revenue in the coming years.

As reported by Asia Review, Apple's decision to shift from metal casings to all-glass casings will differentiate itself in the fully innovative smartphone market in 2017.

Jeff Pu, an analyst at Yuanta Investment Consulting, stated that there is one reason for Apple to move forward in all-glass Apple mobile. The company's Chief Executive, Tim Cook, is pressuring to improve sales by making iPhones more distinctive.

In addition, Mr. Pu said that it will surely hurt the sales aspect in metal casing supplier of iPhone while paving ways for the Biel Crystal Manufactory and Lens Technology.

With this move, Apple is definitely drawing much attention to the consumer world. It is more likely a mobile to look forward to.

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