'Overwatch' Beta's Top Hero Picks; Game Opens in the US May 23

Blizzard Entertainment is revving up the hype for their team-based multiplayer shooter game Overwatch. The game developer giant has recently released an infographic containing some stats about the games 7-day open beta.

According to the infographic, more than 9.7 million Overwatch players joined in on the fun across over 190 countries worldwide. 4.9 billion minutes of gaming were clocked, and more than 37 million matches were completed. Average matches were tallied at six minutes for assault, nine minutes for control, and seven minutes for both escort and hybrid. In escort mode, over 9 million payloads (equivalent to Quake's flag) were successfully taken from one base to another, over a distance of 1.9 million kilometers.

Most popular hero pick for offense is vigilante Soldier:76, while the ruthless assassin Widowmaker is the top pick for defense. Reinhardt is the most popular tank pick while Field Medic Mercy is the top pick for support.

There were 271 million mid-game hero swaps made during open beta, approximately 8 swaps per match. Total damage taken clocked in at 1,369,749,063,663, against 68,015,096,011 healing done.

The infographic also shows some character-specific stats. Defense hero Bastion was destroyed 326 million times while mercenary and bowman Hanzo's ultimate ability Dragonstrike was unleashed more times than cyborg samurai Genji's Dragonblade. Outlaw Jesse McCree's "It's High Noon" was rolled around an amazing 5.7 million times a day.

A total of 87,103,442 loot boxes were earned during open beta, and 341 million heroes were commended, compared to only 72 million commendations given out to enemies.

Blizzard gave out a heartwarming message at the end of the infographic with an infinite number of 'thank you', showing their gratitude to the wonderful Overwatch community for supporting the open beta.

Overwatch goes live on May 23, 4 pm PDT. Blizzard has also prepared a guide to make sure players are ready before the game launches.

Razer has also launched some exclusive Overwatch-themed game gear. Check them out here.

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