Pepper The Robot Gets A New Home And Android Support, Models To Be Available In July

Following the Google I/O event, it has been announced that Pepper The Robot now has a home in San Francisco after the tech company revealed that the machine would be powered by Android.

According to a report from The Verge, that Pepper, created by SoftBank and Aldebaran Robotics, will have its own outpost in San Francisco this year.

"By making Pepper compatible with Android, Android application developers will be able to utilize their existing knowledge and technologies to develop RoboApps for Pepper," the Japanese company revealed on their website. "With the high number of Android developers around the world, the possibilities for Pepper RoboApp developers will greatly increase with Android support."

Furthermore, BBC reported how Pepper The Robot would be equipped with a tablet across its chest for an easier control and command.

In addition to that, it has been revealed by the same source how Google and SoftBank haven't revealed any details about the project or even if the robot will be powered by the artificial intelligence Google Assistant.

The Android supported robot has been used on different occasions as a waiter, salesman and even a customer service representative in some parts of Japan. Pepper is also reportedly used in some car manufacturing companies such as Nissan.

Some consumers wish to use the robot as a form of household help, a personal assistant and an aide for everyday chores and tasks.

The robot is four feet in height, has at least 20 kinds of motors for arm movement and even sensors that can detect human emotions and even read body languages.

The new and improved Android supported Pepper The Robot is expected to go on pre-sale this July in Japan and will available for at least $1,800.

Availability outside of Japan is expected to roll out as early as next year.

Furthermore, the machine's software development kit is now available at the SoftBank robotics website.

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