Oculus Rift New Update: Rift Exclusive Games Will Not Be Ported To HTC Live

Virtual Reality games are one of the trends nowadays. Companies and manufacturers made their own brand of Virtual Reality headsets and games. Virtual gaming has been enticing gamers to experience a different but exciting gaming experience. These are so "in" today. However, there is one thing that a particular VR brand would like to clarify for the VR users and consumers.

According to The Verge, Oculus Rift's recent software update blocks the application that bypasses the company's software's protocols and allows exclusive Rift games to run using HTC Vive. The software update of Rift is made to prevent its brand from crossing over other competing brands. The Oculus update includes its headset's linkage to the Oculus Platform DRM so that the non-Oculus hardware connection is prevented from getting connected to the system.

As reported by Kotaku, it was reported months ago that there were games that were allowed to be played using HTC Vive due to a proof-of-concept compatibility layer. This time, because of the update, the "trick" will not work anymore. Furthermore, the Oculus app update 1.4 provides additional security steps to launch the games that are purchased legally through Oculus Home. That means, if the Oculus Rift headset is not attached to the system, the games or applications will not be played. In addition, the workaround is labeled by Oculus as a "hack" in which it is not to be tolerated.

The company warned the consumers that the said workaround will be just working shortly because the updates will break the process. Moreover, after the update, there are non-Oculus users who purchased games from the Oculus Home getting upset because they could not run anymore the game.

Read here for more Oculus statement about the "hack" and software updates. For sure, there will be more development about this issue in the future.

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