AMD May Have Forced Sony's Hand To Develop Upcoming Neo PlayStation

There have been lots of rumors about the creation of the new variant of the Playstation family. Whatever these rumors are, the anticipated release definitely excites the avid gamers and Playstation enthusiasts. Well, there is news about Playstation release so far. There will surely be lots of great gaming experience in the near future.

According to MNR Daily, the Playstation 4 (PSK4), or also known as Playstation Neo, will be released this coming October, rumors say. There are speculations claiming that the release of Playstation Neo will be announced by Sony at the Paris Games Week to be held on Oct. 21 to Oct. 31.

The said speculation seemed supported by the statement from Innelec Multimedia, the French distributor. It accidentally leaked information about an upgraded PS4 -- in it the rumored Playstation Neo. Additionally, it has stated that it will come in the first half of the current year.

However, despite the slip of information, Innelec Multimedia made a follow-up announcement denying the official launching of Playstation Neo on the said date. Furthermore, the said console is very much expected to have an enhanced central processing unit (CPU) and awesome graphics processing unit (GPU). It is also expected to have a higher memory bandwidth and the 4K resolution support.

As reported by Tech First Post, AMD's decision to shift to 14 nm manufacturing process may be the cause why Sony decided to build the Playstation Neo (PSK4). It is said that the current Playstation 4 uses the AMD's 28 nm manufacturing process, which is old and inefficient.

Furthermore, the current manufacturing process is larger. The smaller the chips are, the more efficient, faster and better they are. The shift of chip size will be more efficient and more powerful.

Sony has the option to get AMD to continue making the next-generation chips through a dedicated production line, or switch to AMD Polaris architecture for the consoles. Whatever Sony's decision will be, one thing is defined here: GAMING WILL BE MUCH MORE EXCITING!

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