New Reddit Feature Allows Embedding Threads In Any Website

Online discussion creates a unique world of information sharing and receiving. As always, there is an influential power if words are shared not only through mouth. Through the social media nowadays, information is sensationalized and made trending for everybody. That is considered as the power of social media. However, there must be a social responsibility to whatever posts are being made.

According to Inferse, Reddit, a popular site to gather rich information of the users' preference, enables the embed feature to give proper citation to any of its posts online. Since Reddit can be a very rich source of any information, it created the new embed feature that makes sharing and reading information convenient to the users.

Before, Reddit users had the choice to cite the actual link of the Reddit page the users wished to refer to. But this time, the actual post can be embedded right within the content itself. Also this time, both sides will benefit from the new update. It is because the users already have the easier access to the needed information while Reddit, including its services, is introduced to more users.

Reddit users will not be anymore dubbed as the real owner of the post because of its embedding feature. Other thing is that Reddit will be able to give out breaking news about anything right directly to the users' website. In addition, Mark Luckie, the one heading the journalism and media division of Reddit, stated that its contents are better than those of the rest of the social media platforms.

According to Ubergizmo, in using Reddit, the users can now browse the thread in questions while staying on his/her site. Furthermore, Reddit enables the embedding of the discussions on Youtube videos, Facebook and Twitter posts. For those who have websites, they can now embed Reddit posts directly into their websites.

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