Microsoft Corporation Fights ISIS, Other Terrorists Posting Online; Will Apple, Google Follow Suit?

It appears that Microsoft has seen the need to strengthen the screws on terrorists posting online. Along that line, many are insinuating if other corporation such as Apple and Google will follow the trend as well.

Last week, Microsoft announced its plans to crack down the terrorist content. It is perhaps in response to the Obama administration's intense effort to get Silicon Valley's help in preventing organizations like ISIS from using social media as a recruiting and fundraising tool, reports Tech News World.

In addition, Microsoft has amended its terms of use to prohibit the posting of terrorist content on its various platforms, extending the existing prohibition on hate speech and advocacy of violence against others, as noted by the same post.

At the same time, Microsoft is categorizing terrorist content if a material posted by or in support of any organizations in the Consolidated United National Security Council Sanctions list, which the U.N. Security Council branded as terrorist organizations.

In a separate post, it has been noted how ISIS has been using the online world to target children, particularly those that used iOS powered handy phones. To prove the latter, "ISIS's use of technology has helped it attract more militants around the world. With its latest mobile app, ISIS is apparently now trying to get young children invested in its mission long before they've grown to adulthood," Fortune reported.

The gravity and threat that ISIS has brought to the company is real. It has affected all ages and without restrictions. It can affect the overall operations of the company as well.

Nevertheless, "What's noteworthy about Microsoft and what you're seeing from the other social media giants is that not only are there efforts to remove content or limit access to content, but also ... opportunities for counter content. That is also a very important aspect of this as well," said Todd Helmus, senior behavioral scientist at the Rand Corp.

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