Google Merging With Android And Chrome OS Is A Total Lie; Chromebooks Finally Defeat Apple's MacBooks?

Google is facing a handful of things at the moment, owing to the rising speculations against the tech giant. There have been hearsays that have circulated regarding the merging of Android and Chrome OS being a complete hoax. Also, Chromebooks have been speculated to defeat Apple's MacBooks in the market.

Rumors that Google would merge Android and Chrome OS have been circulating for many years, but during the I/O 2016 developer conference, the company at last divulged its grand plan. It appears that Android and Chrome OS are not merging but their best features, respectively, are being ported over, reports Venture Beat.

Google was very straightforward regarding the noted features. Also, the upcoming Android N functionality is "inspired by how Chromebooks apply updates." In short, devices running Android N or greater will be able to install system updates in the background, reports the same post.

With the clarification from Google itself, the rumors surrounding the merge have finally been laid to rest. However, not all are closing its doors to the idea that Google in the latter part would merge the two segments.

On a different note, PC World reports that Google was able to outrun Apple's MacBook segments on the market. According to the report, Chromebooks beating Macs may be a surprising statistic, but in reality, it is just statistics and it is unlikely that Chromebook is about to become the second most important PC platform in the United States, because this first Chromebook victory comes with two big caveats.

Moreover, since Apple's profits have been low for the first few months of 2016, there have been indicators that Mac sales have fallen on a global scale. If Mac sales continue to decline, Chromebooks may beat OS X-powered machines in future quarters as well. But that speculation remains unsettled as well, as cited by the same post.  

Even though the rumors regarding Google merging with Android and Chrome OS was not true, success was still attained by the company when its Chromebooks finally outpaced Apple's MacBooks in sales and revenues.

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