AMD's Upcoming Processors Will Be Faster

In the technological realm, there is a battle of supremacy among computer processors. Each computer processor company makes its own version of powerful and efficient processors. AMD is one of the top performing companies that produces powerful processors. To the users, each and every part of the processors counts. That is why, there must be a careful and critical review on the processing units.

According to Tweak Town, AMD's next-generation Zen Accelerated Processing Units will be a lot faster than the unit's old models. Reportedly, the new processors of AMD will arrive in the AM4 socket, with four Compute-based cores, and eight will reside in the Graphics Processing Unit side.

Furthermore, it will have 4 x CPU cores at 3.7 GHz. Its GPU side will have 8 x GCN Compute-based units. In addition, it will have a low-power version. It, therefore, consumes 35W with a 2.9 GHz clock boost. Moreover, its performance is 20 percent higher than the Carrizo Mobility Chip. It is also over 50 percent higher than Kaveri-based chips.

As reported by WCCFTech, AMD has revealed that Zen will have double the performance of the FX 8350. It will truly compete well with Intel's eight-core i7 5960X.

In addition, AMD is doing the right things for Zen. Its latest brings out high power efficiency. It makes the enthusiasts think AMD CPU right now is truly worthwhile.

For AMD's Computing Products, read here. Moreover, a lot of engineering efforts are being put on the table so as to justify the efficiency of the product. This engineering will definitely blow the minds of the customers when this product will be used in their desktop, laptop or computer units.

To know further about AMD's extraordinary technological advancements, read here. The gaming performance of the unit will surely be worth it.

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