Review Of Ultimate Ears' UE Roll 2 Speakers

Playing music makes a good hobby. The music quality may depend on the speakers that the user is having. There are different brands of speakers that may meet the users' expectations. If good speakers will be used, then definitely there is a gratifying feeling. But the preference may depend on the customer's taste. The UE Roll 2 will never miss the chance of impressing the users. Here is more information about Ultimate Ear's new variant.

According to MacRumors, the Ultimate Ears launched its UE Roll 2. It is the successor of the original UE Roll. It is already upgraded with a longer Bluetooth range and a louder sound compared to the original one.

Furthermore, the design of this newly released speaker is just identical to the first version. It has a flat, circular design. It has a bungee cord in the back. Although the UE Roll 2 speakers are not portable, it could still be put in a backpack or a purse. Its weight is just half pound. Its bungee cord is stretchy, that is why it can be attached anywhere.

The UE Roll 2 features a shell that is waterproof and dustproof. It is waterproof up to 30 minutes in a depth of 1 meter. It is also impact resistant. So, no matter where the owner goes or what he/she does, may it be hiking, going outdoors for any activities, the speaker can be counted in. it is even durable.

The EU Roll 2 also has a floatie device in the package. It can be used, of course, when in a bathtub or a pool. The speaker is reported to have 360-degree sound with deep bass. Its sound projection is better, clearer and crisper.

The UE's predecessor and the latest one can be paired together; after all, they both play the same audio quality depending on the music. According to The Verge, the user can set them to put out a wider stereo soundscape. The original model costs between $50 and $70. But if the new version is the preferable one, it will be available this month.

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