Review On Sky Q Multiroom TV System

With the launch of its newest Sky Q Multiroom TV system, Sky has reinvented premium TV.

According to Daily Star, this is the biggest Sky new product in years. When it comes to TV technology, Sky has always led the field. However, over the past few years, the competition in the market has catching up. But the satellite company is fighting back with its latest innovation.

Sky Q service was launched just a few months ago. Sky is advertising that this new device "will set your TV free." This is not far from reality. This might be the ultimate way to enjoy watching television, with the all-new set-top box and TV beamed to every corner of your home.

According to Alphr, Sky Q is totally reinventing the way satellite and broadcast TV works. Previous applications were just using a single box sitting underneath the TV in your living room and communicating with the app on your tablet or phone. Instead of this, Sky Q has been designed as a multiroom system.

For those users who get the full Sky Q package, including Sky Broadband, they get almost everything they ever need to watch TV, except a laptop and TV. The top end package of Sky Q comes with two Sky Q Mini boxes and a Sky Q Silver box.

Users can watch live TV simultaneously on all three Sky Q boxes. They communicate to each other over Wi-Fi, which means that users will be able to stop watching something on one device while continuing watching it on another.

The Sky Q comes with an included app that allows you to watch live TV on up to two tablets simultaneously. Recording, rewinding and pausing functions are all possible, just like on the main TV and Mini boxes. In order to watch content offline, users can also transfer recorded or downloaded programs to their tablets.

Sky Q's network of TV boxes spreads the signal around your house, acting as wireless repeaters. The result is a much stronger Wi-Fi signal. The devices come with a great user interface, with a redesigned menu that is very intuitive to use.

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