Pebble Launches Kickstarter Campaign For Three New Wearables

Gym buffs and gym enthusiasts may consider a wearable that helps track their activity progress during gym sessions. After all, it is one of the trending things that most gym people are doing. Aside from it being cool, it follows, keeps track and tells how the gym goer or user is doing in his or her toil. Just recently, another wearable technology is added to the preference of these enthusiasts that may be considered as a useful tool in tracking gym activities or even playing music.

Pebble launches not one, not two, but three new watches. According to Android Police, it is launching two plus a whole new product. These are predictably the successors of Pebble and Time that are Pebble 2 and Time 2.

This time, Pebble 2 comes into a thinner display. It is also lighter compared to Pebble. It just looks the same as the former. It has quite good-looking rectangular face and bezels. Its feature helps users monitor his/her heart rate. It is also water resistant, so, it is perfect for any swimming activities for outdoor-type people. With just a single charge, Pebble 2's battery goes on 7 days! It costs $99 that will be ready for shipment in September.

Furthermore, Time 2 is the premium version. It has fewer frames around the screen. Compared to its predecessor Time, Time 2 has 53 percent larger full color e-paper screen. It is water resistant up to 30 meters. It has a microphone for quick voice actions. Its battery life will last up to 10 days. It costs $169 and will be shipped in November.

Moreover, the Pebble Core is the new and interesting device being launched recently. Though it is not a smartwatch, it is a portable clip-on device for tracking activities and playing music. It may be likened to the iPod Shuffle. It will cost $69. It will be shipped in January 2017. For full specifications of the Pebble Core and the newly revealed smartwatch, read here.

According to Mail Online, Pebble launched a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of $3.95 million to fund the devices. Approximately $1 million have been pledged already as of the moment.

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