'No Man's Sky' Rumors, News And Updates: Release Date A Flunk; Hello & Sony Tight Lipped On The Matter?

"No Man's Sky" has seen much controversy owing to its release date facing constant delays. Recent rumors, news and updates for the game franchise has dismayed gamers by the persistent changing of the game's release date. All the more, Sony and Hello remained tight-lipped on the matter.

If the report is true, it is disappointing but not devastating. And as any Nintendo fan knows, sometimes a delay just means the game on the way will be legendary. Besides, Hello Games does not have the track record that Nintendo has, nor can "No Man's Sky" rest on a pedigree like that of the "Legend of Zelda" games, reports iDigital Times.

However, it is far better to give a talented team the time it needs to produce good work than to rush a shoddy production out the door, as noted by the same post.

Given the fact that "No Man's Sky" has made huge promises that intrigue and excite a lot of people, the delays have furthered increased the gamers' apprehensions. Online retailers, such as Amazon, still show a June 21 release date, but Sony and developer Hello Games have not come out with any official confirmation of the delay at this time, based on a post by Forbes.

If the delays are prolonged, this might render negative impacts to the game franchise. Delays are inevitable, and gamers understand it as well. But constant changing of the release date might impede the direction of the game. 

There are also speculations that the game might be released in the summer or in fall. Regardless, "No Man's Sky" is a game that weathered much, and for the enthusiasts, to see the game in the gaming stalls is more than enough to satiate their excitement.

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