'Overwatch' Review: Game Raises The Bar; Congratulations, Blizzard!

When "Overwatch" was yet to be released, people were quite skeptical with Blizzard's capability to make it a hit. Well, it seems to have turn the tide of expectations. Once the game's servers went live, it proves to be a crowd favorite.

Of all the popular titles Blizzard has developed, "Overwatch" is the first ever first-person shooter game. And it is actually a good thing for the company, considering the fate of the canceled "Titan" multiplayer online game.

The best thing about "Overwatch" is the kind of excitement it offers. According to Forbes, at first look, one would think that the game is nothing but an ordinary first-person shooter MOBA. However, in the long run, it gradually presents itself as an arena-like shooter game.

In one way or another, "Overwatch" delivers everything it is made to do and to think that this is the first IP from Blizzard that took them nearly two decades to develop. But despite the long haul, the game is without a doubt fresh and fun.

Other reviews suggest that "Overwatch" is unlike any other game that falls under the same category. Sure, there might be similarities in terms of the characters being called as "heroes"; however, it all ends there. Blizzard's title is certainly on greater heights, with all the praises it received.

With how things are going for "Overwatch," there is no doubt fans will ask for more. More characters and maps, perhaps a new lore to be explored and whatnot. And true enough, as reported by VG247, fans can expect Blizzard to release more heroes and the like anytime soon.

All in all, the game has 21 playable characters. There are offensive heroes and defensive. Meanwhile, there are heroes bound for being a tank and/or support. "Overwatch" is the kind of game that will surely live throughout the years.

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