Apple Vehicle Charging Stations a Possibility? Tech Company Doubling Down on Electric Car Project

It seems that Apple is quite serious about expanding their reach from portable gadgets to electronic vehicles. While Apple's e-car is just a rumor at this point, the company is certainly putting in the hours, money and manpower into the research and development of rechargeable vehicles. Following this thought, it is highly likely that it will join the growing industry of those providing transportation services through more environment-friendly means. 

According to The Verge, Apple is already looking at the different methods of which electric cars are currently and could be charged - and its possible competitors are quick to catch on it. Although meetings have already been set up, companies with a bit of foresight and knowledge on charging stations, are quick to keep their trade secrets under wraps.

Not one to succumb to the early fear that current big kids are keeping the candy to themselves, it seems that Apple has taken it as a personal challenge instead. The publication goes on to say that the company has beefed up its number of employees, particularly hiring engineers that have the experience of vehicle charging under their belt. These individuals have worked for other big names like BMW, Georgia Tech and Google.

This is a smart move for Apple, as an electric vehicle is only as good as the charging stations made available to it. After all, the car is useless without them. It may not have to develop it alone, though, as Engadget reports that a worldwide engineering company, unnamed at this point, has already volunteered to help Apple build these charging stations. 

Working with an international engineering company could be best at this point. Again, electric cars will only be bought if the charging stations are reliable. More than just this, however, they have to be of great quantity as well. Potential owners will need the insurance that they can get from one point to another without having to worry about where the next stop will be. 

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