Stalagmite Rings: Oldest Known Well-Dated Constructions Made By Neanderthals, Archeologists Say

Archeology is a very interesting subject. For years, researchers and scientists try to cultivate the ancient lives of ancient people through remains, rocks and any possible artifacts that are discovered underneath the top soil, caves or rocks.

Reports claim that there is a Neanderthal cave in France that leaves a very astonishing olden architectural display. It was believed to have been designed by the Neanderthals.

According to NBC News, two mysterious rings are found inside a French cave. These rings are believed to be made by the Neanderthals some 176,500 years ago. It goes to show that these ancient builders -- or people for that matter -- were already capable of complex architectural designs.

It may sound so simple, but considering the span of time and absence of technology, it is still unbelievable. These rings or structures are formed from stalagmites. These stalagmites were chopped into similar length and were laid out in two oval patterns up to 16 inches high. These were previously discovered in 1990 by a 15-year-old boy. The cave is located at Bruniquel in southwest France.

Furthermore, an archeologist named Jacques Jaubert from the University of Bordeaux leads his team in the continued search. The team used sophisticated dating techniques and found that the stalagmites have been deliberately broken off the ground around 176,500 years ago.

As reported by The Atlantic, Paolo Villa from the University of Colorado Museum stated that a realistic explanation why the Neanderthals build such architecture is for meeting place for some type of ritual social behavior purpose. Read here for more information about the study.

Whatever or whoever made such cave designs, there is only one thing that is for sure. It is the idea that Neanderthals had a complex thinking, which led them to higher cognitive abilities that is a contrast to the ones people know nowadays.

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