'Minecraft' Deathmatch Mode Announced! [Full Details]

Game developer Mojang has fans excited as they announce a new mini-game available through the console edition of "Minecraft." This specific mode is officially called "Battle." It seems to be inspired by the "The Hunger Games," and pits players against each other in quick do-or-die battles set in real time.

As reported by IGN, players will be placed in three different maps facing towards a small mound of chests. These chests contain items that will either help the player take out the other competitors or they can be used for defense. A timer will indicate when players are allowed to start running towards the chests to try and get as much loot as possible.

The player's fate depends greatly on those first few moments. On one hand, players need weapons, food and potion to survive. On the other hand, there is need to get away from the rest of the players in order to get to safety. Once away from the chests, the player must also decide how far to stay - the goal of the game is to be the last one standing. Taking out other players is only part of the "Battle."

The mini-game also makes use of grace period countdowns, wherein the chests are automatically refilled after some time. Players can enjoy the game at five-minute intervals as this is how long the game will last. The size of the map is meant to compliment the time restraint - big enough to hide, but not enough that other players will be lost forever.

The game is available in split-screen for as many as 4 players and can go as far up as eight players online. As added by Mxdwn.com, more maps will be available for players as time goes on. However, these new maps will be sold together for $2.99 a pack and will be available by June. 

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