'League Of Legends' Now A Sanctioned Sport In Australia; Riot To Increase Bans In Champion Select?

"League of Legends" is making history, as the game has been deemed as a sanctioned sport in Australia. This will surely make all fans shout with joy! Meanwhile, there is a possibility that the game's Champion Select bans will further increase in the days to come.

According to CNet, "League of Legends" developer Riot has announced that the game is now officially a sanctioned sport in Australia's Unigames. The latter is best known as the biggest sporting event specifically made for the growing University student-athletes.

Unigames, in its most organic form, offers a long-range of sanctioned sports. And with the new inclusion, it is safe to say that "League of Legends" is not only part of eSports but also a legit game as a whole.

"League of Legends" has now become the first ever eSports to have acquired such huge mainstream recognition. This also further cements the importance of digital gaming in today's generation.

Well, there is no doubt that the game will reach such greater heights. After all, "League of Legends" is considered as the most played MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) in all eSports.

In related news, Blog of Legends reports that Riot is set to increase the number of bans particularly in "League of Legends" Champion Select. The move aims to create team diversity as well as interesting competitions within the game.

It should also be noted that the developers are looking at implementing one ban per "League of Legends" player. And if this would make sense, gamers will be looking at five bans per team or 10 in total. While it is true that such figures are quite huge, it still gives players the chance to select who they do not want to appear in the opposing team.

As of this writing, Riot has yet to announce an official release date for the new "League of Legends" ban system in Champion Select. However, fans should be keen to watch out for it in the next few months or so.

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