Ford's Fusion Energi vs Tesla Model 3: Elon Musk's 'Car for the Masses' Outperformed?

Ford has revamped the Fusion Energi, its plug-in hybrid that travels on both gas and battery. The 2017 model of the unit can travel much further than most current ones on the market - including Tesla's Model 3.

In fact, in its press release, Ford decided to point this out specifically as they said, "Fusion Energi is on sale now. Its 610-mile range is nearly triple that of the upcoming Tesla Model 3... The Model 3 doesn't run on gas, so it also must be recharged immediately when its battery is depleted."

While reports have come out regarding Tesla's Gigafactory, which is aimed to increase the number of models that the company can produce, Ford Motor can now counter that their unit travels further, with more security.

According to Fortune, last year's Ford Fusion Energi could travel to around 20 miles on battery alone, while the new model can travel 21 miles and the rest of the distance is covered through the use of the gas. This increase is from the company's update regarding the vehicle's powertrain software and regenerative braking systems - the latter of which transforms energy normally lost during braking, into battery life.

In terms of overall mileage, The Country Caller notes that the outgoing Fusion Energi covered a mere 550 miles, meaning Ford was able to push development further in order to reach the 2017 model's 610 miles. Meanwhile, Tesla's Model 3 can only travel a maximum of 213 miles per full charge.

The increase in possible travel distance through the battery will definitely help those who purchase the unit in order to save on gas. However, since the Ford Fusion Energi does have the option to run on fuel, however, buyers need not worry about having to constantly recharge or having to find an outlet to charge from during long travels.

On the other hand, Tesla's Model 3 runs purely on battery life, thus making it harder for buyers to feel confident about long distance travels. This is a smart move by Ford, as it targets an audience that is both interested in the energy vehicle, but is still skeptical due to the infancy of the industry.

Despite the advantages of the Ford Fusion Energi, the company's website prices the unit at $31,120 and it is already available for purchase. Tesla's Model 3 is selling for $35,000 and, while they are accepting orders at this point, the units are still under production and will be delivered later this year. 

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