Windows 10 Auto-Upgrade Should Be Halted

It remains uncertain why Microsoft aims on implementing an upgrade for its Windows 10. Given the fact that the upgrade is auto set, many notions of the upgrade being halted arise and here are the reasons why.

Microsoft aims on implementing the upgrade to Windows 10, and the tech giant has pushed and prodded PC owners to upgrade their machines to its latest Windows version. But while the upgrade is currently free for most consumers with Windows PCs, critics say the company's heavy-handed nudging amounts to an "offer you can't refuse," according to the Sci-Tech Today.

Moreover, at one point, some PC owners complained. Microsoft began sending on-screen messages prompting them to download and install Windows 10 ad but the ad bears a tricky side of it, as cited by the same post.

Although some have complained regarding the upgrade, Microsoft explained its side of the story. "We understand you care deeply about what happens with your device. This is why -- regardless of your upgrade path, you can choose to upgrade or decline the offer," Microsoft Executive Vice President Terry Myerson wrote in a blog post.

It is irrefutable that Windows 10 is a great operating system, but the tactics Microsoft has been using to push the free upgrade to eligible users are becoming more than a little reminiscent of those favored by malware peddlers, according to a post from Cybershack.

All the more, Microsoft will stop offering free upgrades to Windows 10 after July 29 at which point it will charge AU$179 for Windows 10 Home, and AU$299 for Windows 10 Pro and computers running Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 are eligible for the free upgrade, as added by the same post.

The figures have revealed that more than 300 million devices have allowed the upgrade with Windows 10 along with their varying devices such as PCs, tables, phones and Xboxes. Since Microsoft has decided to stop the upgrade, it is also anticipated to bring an end to the rising scrutiny from the users.

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