The Great Barrier Reef In Peril; Call To Address Climate Change Arises

By Alexa Parker , May 31, 2016 06:30 AM EDT

It is undeniable that the Great Barrier Reef is in peril. Also, the call to address climate change arises, owing to the impact and effects that climate change has rendered forth.

The Great Barrier Reef is now showing signs of deterioration and in peril. To prove the latter, both the Coalition and Labor admit saving the Great Barrier Reef from devastating bleaching will require action on climate change and their leaders now turned their campaign focus to protecting the environmental icon on Monday, with Labor pledging $377 million in new funding for research and management, reports Skynews.

The coalition promised $6 million for another boat to cull crown of thorns starfish, while the Labor's cash injection will go to improve water quality, streamlining management and science, including a $50 million boost for the CSIRO to carry out marine research, reports the same post.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten strongly voiced out that the reef needs the assistance to prevent more damage on its habitat. Shorten also stated that, "The reef is in peril. If we do not act, our children will rightly ask us why didn't we."

Even Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull explained on how the Coalition is doing all it can to protect the reef. He also said, "Plainly ... that requires a global solution."

Additional report from SBS revealed that mass bleaching is causing much havoc on the reef, and many are wondering on how the Great Barrier Reef would recover from the impacts of mass bleaching, especially now that the reef is undergoing large scale of damage.

If the actions are weak and slow, it might be too late, and it would ultimately affect the whole barrier reef and the reparation would be impossible to attain. The Great Barrier Reef is a legacy of the world. If it is gone, the next generation would lose the opportunity to witness its grandeur and beauty.

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