iPhone 7 Lightning Headphone Adapter Possibly Confirmed: Is This Really the Best Idea?

It looks like Apple is really getting rid of the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 if these new images of Lightning-connected dongles are anything to go by.

Lightning-to-Headphone Adapters Spotted

According to Apple Insider, the dongles look like they have separate volume controls. Two of its models have a micro USB port for charging while using headphones. It appears that the images were possibly concepts or prototypes. The dongles do not seem available for purchase as of yet since there are no price tags advertised on Tama's website. Apple Insider also reported that the rumored phone accessory is not yet marketed as Made for iPhone accessories.

Apple is ditching the industry standard 3.5mm audio jack from its upcoming iPhone model in favor for a sleeker, thinner handset, The Verge reported. The lack of a headphone port presumably means that users would need to rely on a Bluetooth wireless headset or a Lightning-connected headphone.

The phone company is also rumored to have been working on a new pair of Lightning EarPods, in anticipation of the iPhone 7's changes. The EarPods are said to be connected and charged through the Lightning port, similar to the iPad Pro's Apple Pencil.

What Apple Customers Really Want

Apple's aim to make the new iPhone 7 thinner by removing the audio jack might be a step in the right direction, as far as innovation is concerned. But is it the best idea?

The Verge states that while wireless charging is one of the most requested features of the iPhone (along with waterproofing, which Samsung and Sony have already achieved way ahead of Apple), making the handset thinner is the least of the consumers' worries.

As with all phones, battery life is of the utmost importance. That would probably require a larger, thicker iPhone, unless Apple comes up with a thinner but more powerful battery pack, of course.

The next Apple flagship is slated to launch by September of this year as usual. It is expected to start at around $600.

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