Stephen Hawking Bashes Donald Trump: Physicist Shares His Thoughts on US Politics

Physicist Stephen Hawking didn't pull any punches from Donald Trump, commenting on the presumptive Republican candidate's popularity. This is a comment out of turn for Hawking, who usually keeps comments within the boundaries of science.

Hawking was baffled at the popularity of Donald Trump's persona. As quoted in a CNN report: "He is a demagogue, who seems to appeal to the lowest common denominator." He was equally stumped in an interview on "Good Morning Britain."

Press Latch On To Embargoed Post

The Associated Press first reported on Hawking's statement but later removed the post as it was embargoed for publishing. Hawking's comments on "Good Morning Britain" were also disregarded for the same reason.

Other media agencies noted Hawking's statements even after the Associated Press report was removed, though. CNET requested a reply from ITV (a CNN affiliate), the producer of "Good Morning Britain," pending response.

Hawking's Observation Justified?

CNET reports the Republican nominee apparently has no qualms with Hawking's observation, though Trump has yet to comment on the physicist's remark. Donald Trump has not hesitated in tackling issues even remotely related to science, though.

In a sweeping statement last week, Trump debunked Californians' postulation of an ongoing drought. Trump's tweets are also magnets for flak, one in particular that asserts the concept of global warming was Chinese propaganda aimed at stunting the impact of US manufacturing.

Regarding the renewed debate on the link between vaccines and autism, Trump confirmed the possibility of a link to the epidemic, but as more of an afterthought than as a serious consideration.

Hawking's comment that Trump caters to the lowest common denominator is somewhat diluted by a survey conducted on Trump supporters' incomes, which sits averaged at $72,000. Data proves the Republican's appeal isn't exclusive to the lower classes, with even millionaires included in the bunch.

On a lighter note, Hawking was quick to brush off the sudden interest in his personality after the successful release of "The Theory of Everything," and after Eddie Redmayne's critically-acclaimed portrayal of the physicist. "I had many fans before Eddie Redmayne played me," Hawking said.

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