Rise Of Ad Blocker Software: A Threat To Online Revenue

Most people feel frustrated on seeing unwanted ads popping up on their screen while using their smartphone for browsing and rely on ad-blocker software. It is also true that most of the giant companies like Google and Facebook rely heavily on these ads for revenue. However, they are facing a real threat due to the growing popularity of ad-blocker software.

According to studies, around 420 million users from all over the world are blocking ads when browsing the Internet. The news was reported by PageFair. According to them, the count has increased more than 90 percent compared to last year.

As posted by CNet, the report also states that it comes out to around 400 million users that block ads while browsing. Among them, 159 million users who use mobile ad-zapping browsers are from China and 122 million users that use ad blocking browsers are from India.

Ad Blocker Software Usage Rises in Emerging Markets

According to Patrick Kane, the chief executive officer of Priori Data, in emerging markets, ad blocker software helps in loading websites faster. Many people from all around the world have started supporting ad blockers for this reason. Meanwhile, the opponents of ad block have pointed out that it breaks the legal contract that is agreed to by the viewer when he starts to view online content.

Advertising Industry Running at a Loss

Because of global ad blocking, the advertising industry is losing billions of dollars. The New York Times reported that according to PageFair, around 200 million users installed ad blocking software in their desktop also. The Western market, which has started using smartphones for Internet usage, will slowly start using ad blockers to block ads as well. One of the top cell phone providers in Britain, Three UK, is planning to conduct an ad blocking test. Digicel that operates in the Caribbean has already started providing services with blocking ads.

According to some analysts, the effort to block ads will break the rules and regulations related to net-neutrality. However, analysts are not sure whether ad blocker software truly affects the net-neutrality rules.

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