‘League Of Legends’ Has A Tinder-Like App; Riot Removes Solo Queue

There are two things that "League of Legends" fans might want to know. One is that a Tinder-like mobile app called "Unite LoL" is now available for downloads on the App Store; and second, the so-called Solo Queue is already not available in the game.

"League of Legends" is among the highly celebrated free-to-play MOBA (that is multiplayer online battle arena) games nowadays, seemingly in par with the likes of "Dota 2" and "Strife." But of course, like any of these games, it pays to have a good companion.

Fortunately, a newly developed mobile app called "Unite LoL" has been made available exclusively for "League of Legends" fans, according to The Rift Herald. And it is so easy to use, as it has almost the same functionality as "Tinder's."

"Unite LoL" is basically a location-based app that helps players to locate other summoners in the purpose of building a team before entering a queue. Not only will they be able to see the closest players but they can also search by summoner rank and name, among others.

Simply put, this "League of Legends" app is more like "Tinder," only with less "Netflix" side of things.

On the other hand, The Bitbag reports that Riot Games has finally retired the old-ranked option, the Solo Queue. The recent "League of Legends" update has opted players to utilize the game's current Dynamic System queue instead.

While the new queuing system is more systematic from the other one, the studio admitted that it needs more improvement. In order for it accommodate the needs of "League of Legends" players, it has to cover both the high-ranked majority and the competitive majority.

It should be noted that the Solo Queue was thought to be brought back, after Riot previously stated in the past its intentions to reintroduce it. The decision to remove it from "League of Legends" was all due to the fact that the company aims to provide a more team-based-like competition.

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