Tesla Partners with Samsung, LG and SK Batteries to Decrease Supply Risks

Tesla Motors has had a long standing partnership with Panasonic Corporation when it comes to the supply of their car batteries. Panasonic Corporation is helping Tesla build their Gigafactory, the world's largest battery production factory. However, to decrease risks, Tesla is looking at other options, in particular, providers from South Korea.

According to Teslarati, the company has met with electronic giants Samsung SDI, LG Chem and SK innovation, to discuss the possibility of supplying car batteries for Tesla's electronic cars. Succeeding Tesla cars will also be supplied with tires from Hanjook Tire tires, and the OLED panels for the automotive systems will be taken care of by LG Display.

Many reports suggest that the innovative electric car company is seeking partners in South Korea. In fact, an official from Tesda has released a statement saying: "Tesla intends to use more Korean technology on its Model 3... Tesla is testing the manufacturing capability and production of LG Chem, Samsung SDI and SK Innovation."

The publication points out that from the three companies being approached, LG Chem and Samsung SDI currently produce a cylindrical shaped 18650 battery cell, which Tesla has adopted into its current motor vehicles. However, between these two, LG Chem is the only one that has already established a relationship with Tesla.

LG Chem was in charge of the upgrading the battery in Tesla's Roadster, its first production vehicle. Despite this, howeverThe Country Caller reports that a bill of landing from the Oakland Port reveals that Tesla ordered 120 tons of 18650 batteries from Samsung SDI, which is the same battery Panasonic Corporation currently provides Tesla.

Tesla reportedly indicated the different suppliers in their SEC filings, which started last year. It said, "We believe our ability to change battery cell chemistries and vendors while retaining our existing investments... will enable us to quickly deploy various battery cells into our products and leverage the latest advancements in battery cell technology."

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