Space X CEO Elon Musk Envisions Mars Eutopia and Wishes to Die on Red Planet

By Andrew Collins , Jun 03, 2016 05:40 AM EDT

Space X CEO Elon Musk has his eyes set on another world. Musk's fixation with the colonization of Mars has even ventured into the politics a settlement on the planet.

Musk's recent success in landing its Falcon 9 rockets is a milestone in spaceflight. The CEO of Space X and Tesla is also very keen on realizing the dream of building a Martian colony. Musk's business enterprises hint of this fixation; he's also proposed the politics humans should adopt after nesting on the planet.

Vox Populi, Martian Democracy

Musk said the best form of government for Mars's first settlers is a direct democracy. In contrast to a representative democracy, a direct democracy has citizens voting on every issue. Musk says the setup reduces the corruption incorporated in other forms of government.

In legislation, he proposes tweaking the guidelines for the approval and abolishment of laws. Musk said laws should be easier established than removed. "I think that's probably good, because laws have infinite life unless they're taken away," Musk said in a report from The Verge.

As illustration, he proposed that bills should require at least 60 percent of votes to be approved, and at least 40 percent to be repealed. Expiration dates should also apply to existing laws, allowing the voting public to decide on relevance once the laws lapse. Musk said that "If it's not good enough to be voted back in, maybe it shouldn't be there."

Not a Fan of US Politics

The statements were likely influenced by the current state of politics, also by the popularity of Donald Trump in his bid for the presidency. Musk barely commented on the ongoing elections, though, saying he'd rather stay out of the heat.

He thinks the current electoral race isn't the best product of democracy, but was relieved at the limited power wielded by those elected. "I'm glad the framers of the constitution saw fit to ensure that president was someone who was captain of a large ship with a small rudder."

A Vox article comments on Musk's Martian Utopia, challenging the proposition as impractical, even dangerous for a new civilization. The report also points out contradiction between his ideals and corporate decisions.

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