'Silent Hills' Successor 'Allison Road' Is No Longer Happening

"Allison Road" is now cancelled, game developer Lilith announced on their Twitter account. There are no explanations given as to why the game was cancelled, but the developers said that a statement will be issued very shortly.

The upcoming horror game, hailed as "Silent Hills" spiritual successor, is no longer continuing its development, Gamespot reports. "Hi all. Sadly, Allison Road had to be cancelled," the tweet said. "Statement to come in the next few days. Thx [sic] for all your support and very sad it came to this."

"Silent Hills" was famously shelved in 2015, when Konami cancelled the project reportedly due to a well-publicized dispute with its director, "Metal Gear Solid" creator Hideo Kojima. Fans were disappointed with the publisher when the project was axed, but then turned to Lilith's "Allison Road".

Heavily inspired by "Silent Hills" teaser demo "P.T.", "Allison Road" is a story about an unnamed protagonist who wakes up inside an unfamiliar house, with no clue as to why or how he or she got there, according to Playstation Lifestyle. The player must then roam and discover the mysteries of the house and face off against the dark beings inside it.

Prior to the game being cancelled, the developers were also in talks about possibly making the game compatible with Playstation VR, in an attempt to make the experience more frightening. A Kickstarter campaign for the game was started in September last year, with plans of bringing the game to PC in 2016 and eventually to consoles.

The Kickstarter campaign was cancelled by Lilith the following month, announcing that the project will now be developed with Team17. "Working with Team17 will give us the chance to make our game unhindered creatively," Lilith had said on its Kickstarter updates page. "But at the same time will give us the resources, support and experience that only a 25 year old studio can give."

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