'Star Wars Battlefront 3' Fan-Made Reboot Available to Valve,Steam Users for Free

A landmark deal has just been inked between Frontwire Studios and Steam/Valve. The studio had acquired assets of the cancelled “Star Wars Battlefront 3” and Valve has agreed to distribute the title. The game is officially called “Galaxy in Turmoil.”

The official announcement was made on the Frontwire website. They said previously that they would probably not be able to release “Galaxy in Turmoil” because of restrictions with the use of Star Wars IP. Additionally, they said that Frontwire lacked the negotiating power of major studios like Bethesda.

However, after much negotiation, Steam/Valve has agreed to distribute “Galaxy in Turmoil” for FREE.
Tony Romanelli, Frontwire Studios President, said that the agreement with Valve/Steam has validated their small studio and will bring more awareness to a whole new audience. Romanelli also said that the endorsement of Valve/Steam is a victory for the community as a whole.

However, there is one major problem that is looming above “Galaxy in Turmoil.” Star Wars Battlefront and everything else Star Wars is owned by Disney. As such, it is highly possible that the massive major motion pitcure company will send a cease and desist order to the partners. However, Valve/Steam is not particularly worried and this confidence is being adopted by Frontwire as well.

Ubergizmo noted that even though Frontwire is not making any money from this project, there is still no reason Disney should give the small studio an easy time. Despite this, however, Valve does not share the same sentiment. By publishing and hosting “Galaxy of Turmoil,” Valve/Steam is effectively lending a helping hand in ensuring the game’s longevity.

Check out “Galaxy in Turmoil” on Steam. The game runs on Unreal Engine 4 and might be a pleasant surprise to all. There has been no official announcement when the game will be released.

To gamers who are skeptical of Frontwire and Steam/Valve’s venture, Romanelli says, “I encourage everyone, including those that doubt we’ll be able to pull this off, to take a page from Valve’s book. Take a deep breath and just take a chance on our project. In the end, it’ll pay off for everyone involved. Especially the community.”

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