Crimson Dragon Kinect Arriving On June 13

“Crimson Dragon,” the upcoming Kinect-enabled game from Grounding, Inc. Landing Ho! Co. Ltd, has now been given a release date of June 13 in Japan. Although the game is already received a release date in Japan, it is yet to be revealed as to when the game will arrive in Stores in America.

The new game will run on Unreal Engine 3 and will require Kinect sensors to play, and hence has been developed for Xbox 360 only. “Crimson Dragon” is said to be the spiritual successor of Panzer Dragoon series.

This is not only because of its similar gameplay but also because the game will see the return of creator Yukio Futatsugi, who was also the director of the first three Panzer Dragoon games, and composer Saori Kobayashi, who co-scored Panzer Dragoon Saga and Orta.

The game will feature six types of dragons, over 100 skills, and three-player online co-op. Dragons can be leveled up by feeding them food earned during missions. The story takes place on a recently colonized planet inhabited by dragons, which the humans have now successfully been able to control and ride.

The game was first revealed at the 2011 Tokyo Game Show under the working title Project Draco. Later in February 2012, the game's final name was unveiled to be Crimson Dragon.

Check out the gameplay video below.

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