'God Of War 4' Is Sony's 'One More Thing' At E3; Game To Take Kratos To Alfheim?

One thing is for sure: fans are still hoping for "God of War 4" to arrive. And now that Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is fast approaching, the hype just continues to snowball day by day. So will Sony finally unveil the game at the said event? Will Kratos indeed be joined by Norse gods? Here is what the table can currently offer.

Based on the leaked portfolio of an artist who appears to be working on the "God of War 4" designs, the game is believed to be in a Norse mythology setting. And if this is the case, then it is likely for fans to see Kratos up against the likes of Odin, Loki and the God of Thunder Thor.

While this can certainly be an interesting angle (and a very marketable one), an official reveal will surely make it a hit. According to Gadgets360, there is a greater possibility that Sony might unveil "God of War 4" at E3. The game could actually be what the studio is referring to as "One More Thing" in their upcoming presentation.

Speculations about "God of War 4" introducing a Norse mythology kickstarted some time in April, when the aforementioned leaked photos found their way in the Internet. The images display a bearded Kratos as well as a number of concept art images for the supposed game.

Ecumenical News, on the other hand, reports that the studio has reportedly hired over 50 game creators for an unnamed project. With this revelation, it bolstered the hopes of many that "God of War 4" might currently be under development. However, it should be noted that the company did not reveal as to what kind of project those creators will be working at.

Meanwhile, there have been rumors about another possible perspective that "God of War 4" might take. The game is rumored to take Kratos to the land of the Light Elves called Alfheim, which is also deemed as one of the Nine Worlds.

Regardless of these talks, Sony surely knows that fans are waiting for an official revelation or confirmation from them. Hence, until E3 happens, these "God of War 4" rumors will continue to rise.

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