Uber Rumors, News & Updates: Drivers Will Enjoy New Features; Uber Broadens Horizon?

Uber recently implemented new upgrades to help its drivers beat the competition and complete their daily task.

Uber has affirmed new a feature that aims to remove some of the noted pain points of driving with the firm's platform. Many of the updates to the driver-facing app were piloted in various markets and are now being rolled out in more cities and in a broader fashion, reports The Verge.

Starting today, Uber is expanding its "Destinations" feature, which enables drivers to pick up and drop off riders along a specific route. Drivers heading in a specific direction can input their destination into the app and Uber's algorithm will send them ride requests that appear along the way. 

Moreover, the request would enable drivers to constantly be monitored in terms of drivers deviating from their route. It appears that the new upgrade is the response of Uber to strengthen and fortify its morale and legacy.

Tensions have long simmered between Uber and its drivers who power the ride-hailing service Drivers held protests when Uber cut fares with little warning and have filed class-action lawsuits to be recognized as company employees rather than independent contractors, according to Gulfnews.

In addition, the changes come after the recent settlement of a pair of class actions by drivers who wanted to be classified as full-time employees instead of contractors, a status that gives them few worker protections, based on the same post.

It remains uncertain whether the new upgrade would usher better performance for the driver and if Uber can broaden the horizons of its drivers and fortify its presence on and off the road.

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