Gulf Coast Faces Brunt Of Sea Lice; Nature's Worst Case Scenario Revealed

Nature is gearing up to gain dominion once more. It appears that the Gulf Coast and its beaches are facing major brunt from sea lice. Nature's worst-case scenario has stunned crowds. 

Beach-goers eager to catch a tan and ride the waves this summer in parts of the Florida Panhandle will have to pay attention to warning signs indicating the presence of sea lice, cites Nola.  Purple flags have been placed in the Santa Rosa Beach area to warn people about the presence of jellyfish larvae, also known as sea lice.

 The nearly invisible marine pests are known to get trapped under clothing and even hair when in the water. The pests are known to cause itching and irritation by stinging people who apply pressure to them, as cited by the same post.

The threat should not be undermined as those beach goers that have faced the brunt of the sea lice are advised to shower quickly with hot water in order to remove the sea lice from their body. Sand can also be used as a defensive tool to scrape off the pests.

6abc also relayed that rashes may include elevated skin with a reddish tint and some small blisters. Other severe reactions from the sea lice can cause fever, chills, nausea and headache. Moreover, nature's creations have become abrasive and it comes in all sizes.

The sea lice are found all year round but these pests are at their strongest within the months of April up to August. Beach goers should be wary and prepare for unexpected attacks from the sea lice.

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